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||Invited Reports

No. Date time Speaker Title Affiliation
268 6th, 3:00PM Mon. Dr. Wei Wang S Wave Contributions in Semi-Leptonic B decays HISKP, University of Bonn
267 31th, 10:00AM Tue. Dr. Yu-Ming Wang Precision Higgs physics and effective field theory TUM, Germany
266 9th, 10:00AM Mon. Prof. M. A. K. Lodhi Some Results on Hadronic Absorption of Bc Meson Texas Tech University
265 29th, 3:00PM Fri. Prof. Zhong-Qi Ma Calculation of representation of simple Lie algebra IHEP,CAS
264 27th, 3:30PM Wed. Prof. Chun Liu A realization of effective supersymmetry with strong unification ITP,CAS
263 14th, 11:00AM Thur. Prof. Bing-Lin Young Cosmic desolation-A pedestrian view of the long term universe Iowa State University
262 14th, 10:00AM Thur. Prof. Fu-Guang Cao pion transition form factor Massey University
261 4th, 10:00AM Mon. Prof. Kai Wang Higgs精细测量与味物理:一个超对称模型的例子 Zhejiang University
260 24th, 3:00PM Thur. Phiala E. Shanahan Charge symmetry violation in baryon structure Adelaide Univerdity
259 18th, 10:00AM Fri. Prof. Antti Niemi Strings, Integrable Models and Biology: A New Frontier? CNRS, Tours University
258 15th, 9:30AM Tue. Dr. Marco Ruggieri Strong magnetic fields in QCD University of Catania
257 14th, 9:30AM Mon. Dr. Marco Ruggieri Elliptic flow in heavy ion collisions University of Catania
256 12nd, 10:00AM Sat. Prof. Xuguang Huang Magnefic field in heavy ion collisions Fudan Univerdity
255 11st, 3:00PM Fri. Prof. Feng Yuan Dynamics and Supersymmetry Breaking in Theories without Lagrangian Shanghai Astronomical Observatory
254 10th, 3:30PM Thur. Prof. Bin Chen On short interval expansion of Renyi entropy Peking University
253 25th, 3:30PM Wed. Dr. Wenbin Yan Dynamics and Supersymmetry Breaking in Theories without Lagrangian California Institute of Technology
252 18th, 2:30PM Wed. Dr. Jing Shu composite Higgs and t prime search ITP,CAS
251 23rd, 10:00AM Fri. Prof. Jinfeng Liao QCD Physics in Strong Fields and Possible Environmental Symmetry Violation in Heavy Ion Collisions Indiana University
July 2013
250 15th, 3:30PM Mon. Mr. Zhi-quan Gao Y-system for form factors ITP,CAS
249 10th, 3:00PM Wed. Prof. C.-P. Yuan Higgs Physics, after July 2012. Michigan State University
248 5tht, 3:00PM Fri. Dr. Dan Xie 4d N=1 theories from M5 brane IAS
June 2013
247 27th, 3:00PM Thur. Dr. Zhengcheng Gu (顾正澄) Neutrino as Majorana zero modes Caltech / Perimeter Institute
246 21st, 3:00PM Fri. Prof. Pavel Nadolsky Parton distribution functions: global analysis and practical applications Southern Methodist University
245 20th, 3:00PM Thur. Dr. Jianghao Yu Top Quark Partners in Top Pair Plus Missing Energy Events University of TexasS
244 6th, 3:30PM Thur. Dr. Jing Shu The impact of LHC data on the weak scale cosmology ITP,CAS
243 4th, 10:00AM Tue. Shi-Bei Kong 德西特时空中的电磁场 Beijing Normal Univ.
242 3rd, 3:45PM Mon.. Prof. Xiaoning Wu Fliud/Gravity correspondence for non-rotating black holes Institute of Mathematics, CAS
241 3rd, 2:30PM Mon.. Prof. Yu Tian Periodically Driven Holographic Superconductor UCAS
May 2013
240 31st, 3:00PM Fri. Dr. Shun Zhou Higgs Boson, Vacuum Stability and Fermion Masses KTH Royal Institute of Technology
239 23rd, 2:30PM Thur.. Dr. Yong-Liang Ma Dense Baryonic Matter in Hidden Local Symmetry Approach: Skyrmions, Half-Skyrmions and Nucleon Mass Nagoya University

23rd, 3:45PM Thur.

Dr. Xu Cao the ΚSigma production in pion- and photo-induced reactions in a coupled-channel model Giessen University
237 7th, 10:30AM Tue. Prof. Yan-Gang Miao Quantum mechanics, non-Hermitian quantum mechanics and their relations Nankai University

3rd, 10::00AM Fri.

Prof. Estia Eichten Probing QCD Dynamics in Heavy Quark-Antiquark Systems Fermi Lab, USA
April 2013
235 26th, 10:30AM Fri. Dr. Maxim Chernodub Anomalous transport phenomena in QCD University of Tours
234 26th, 9:00AM Fri. Prof.Dr. Igor Shovkovy Radiative corrections to chiral separation effect in QED Arizona State University
233 17th, 3:00PM Wed. Prof.Dr. Dirk Rischke Construction and validation of a chiral effective model for NN and AA collisions Frankfurt University

16th, 10:00AM Thur.

Dr. Feng-Kun Guo Coupled-channel effects in radiative charmonium transitions IKP, Bonn University
231 11st, 3:00PM Thur. Prof. Xiang Liu Theoretical overview of the charged charmonium-like structure Zc(3900) observed by BESIII Lanzhou University

11st, 10:30AM Thur.

Dr. Feng-Kun Guo Baryon electric dipole moments from strong CP violation IKP, Bonn University
229 10th, 3:00PM Wed. Dr. Sven Bjarke Flavor of quiver-like models for SUSY breaking Hebrew University
228 9th, 10:00AM Tues. Dr. Xing-Bo Zhao Basis Light-front Quantization Approach to Quantum Field Theory Iowa State University
January 2013
227 31st, 3:30PM Thur. Prof. Jean-Marc Richard Exotic hadrons with heavy quarks University of Lyon, France
226 17th, 10:00AM Thur. Zhao Peng A 5d/3d duality from relativistic integrable system DAMTP, Cambridge University
225 10th, 10:00AM Thur. 李志兵教授 石墨烯的边缘性质和吸附/退吸附行 中山大学
224 8th, 10:00AM Tues. Dr. Juan Jose Sanz Cillero Viability of light-Higgs strongly-coupled scenarios INFN,Italy

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