Introduction to TPCSF

The Theoretical Physics Center for Science Facilities (TPCSF) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is a research center with strong emphasis on bringing theoretical scientists from particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, cosmology and the physics based on synchrotron light source together to pursue the high quality research in theoretical physics , particularly in frontier physics connected with large-scale research facilities .

The basic contemplation of establishing TPCSF is to enhance the capabilities of scientific researches associated with the large-scale research facilities, especially those in China . The center also aims at encouraging national and international collaborations, providing a forum for exchanging ideas among theoreticians and experimentalists and educating and training young physicists from different institutions in China to facilitate the development of physics. The engaged research topics in the center include all the areas of theoretical physics, in particular those in the developing interdisciplinary areas.

The center was formally launched on September 6, 2007 by CAS with the strong endorsement from some of eminent physicists . TPCSF is sitting at the Institute of High Energy Physics , CAS and supported by the member Institutions in the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The center is operated under the leadership of the board of a trustees appointed by CAS .

The TPCSF Board of Trustees is in charge of:

  • advising on the mission, the goal, and the long-term strategy of TPCSF ,
  • overseeing the operation of the Center , and
  • appointing directors and the members of the Scientific Committee of TPCSF.


•  A proposal for a theoretical physics center for large-scale scientific facilities in the Chinese Academy of Sciences was submitted by some of eminent physicists in Feb. 2006;

•  A decision for establishing a theoretical physics center for large-scale scientific facilities was made by CAS in December, 2006;

•  Formal opening of TPCSF on September 6, 2007.




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