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Jia Yu ( Professor of Physics)

Born in TianShui, GanSu Province, China (1974).

Ph.D., Ohio State University, U.S., in 2002.
M. S., Peking University, Beijing, in 1998.
B.S., Peking University, Beijing, in 1995.

Research experience:
Postdoc at Michigan State University, U.S., 2002 ¨C 2004;
Maria Curie Fellow (Postdoc) at University of Milano & INFN, Italy, 2004-2005;
Associate Professor , IHEP, Beijing, 2006 - 2012
Professor , IHEP, Beijing, 2012 - present

Research Field:
Heavy Quarkonium Physics; Perturbative QCD; Effective Field Theory.

Recent Research Work:
1) F. Feng £¬ Y. J. and W.-L. Sang, Reconciling the NRQCD Prediction and the J/psi->3 gamma data , arXiv:1210.6337 [hep-ph].

2) Y.J., W.-L. Sang and J. Xu, Inclusive h_c Production at B factories, Phys. Rev. D865 (2012) 074023 [arXiv:1206.5785 [hep-ph]].

3) H.-R. Dong, F. Feng and Y. J., O (alpha_s v^2) corrections to J/psi+eta_c Production at B factories, Phys. Rev. D85 (2012) 114018 [arXiv:1204.4128 [hep-ph]].

4) Y. J., F. Jugeau and L. Oliver, New results on the baryon decay $\Lambda_b \to \Lambda_c \ell \nu$ in Heavy Quark Effective Theory, Phys. Rev. D86, 014002 (2012)[arXiv:1202.4100 [hep-ph]].

5) H.-R. Dong, F. Feng and Y.J., O(alpha_s) corrections to J/psi+chi_{cJ} Production at B factories,   JHEP 1110, 141 (2011)[arXiv:1107.4351 [hep-ph]].

6) Y. J., X.-T. Yang, W.-L. Sang and J. Xu, $O(\alpha_s v^2)$ correction to pseudoscalar quarkonium decay to two photons , JHEP 1106, 097 (2011)  [arXiv:1104.1418 [hep-ph]].

7) Y. J., J.-X. Wang and D. Yang, Bridging light-cone and NRQCD approaches: asymptotic behavior of $B_c$ electromagnetic form factor,   JHEP 1110, 105 (2011)   [arXiv:1012.6007 [hep-ph]].

8) Y. J., Color-singlet relativistic correction to inclusive J/psi production associated with light hadrons at B factories, Phys. Rev. D82, 034017 (2010), arXiv:0912.5498 [hep-ph]].