Theoretical Physics Division

Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Huang Mei (Professor of Physics)

Sept. 1997 -- Jun. 2000 Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics ,Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China
Sept. 1994 -- Jun. 1997 M.S. in Theoretical Physics,Institute of Particle Physics, Hua-zhong Normal University,Wuhan, China
Sept. 1990 -- Jun. 1994 B.S. in Scientific Physics Teaching, Department of Physics, Hua-zhong Normal University, Wuhan, China

Research experience:
From Jan. 2009 Professor, Theory Division, IHEP, CAS , Beijing, China
From Sept. 2006 Associate Professor, Theory Division, IHEP, CAS , Beijing, China
Nov. 2004 -- Aug. 2006 JSPS Fellow Department of Physics,Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo, Japan
Feb. 2003 --Oct. 2004 Alexander von Humboldt Fellow Institute for Theoretical Physics, J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Oct. 2002 -- Jan. 2003 Visiting Scientist Institute for Theoretical Physics,J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany
Sept. 2000 -- Sept. 2002 PostdoctDepartment of Physics, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

Research Field:
1, QCD phase structure at high temperature and/or density;
2, QCD phase transitions: chiral restoration, deconfinement, color superconductor;
3, Transport properties of QCD hot/dense matter;
4, Holographic QCD.

Conference Organization:
1, Satellite Meeting of Quark Matter 2006 ”°AdS/CFT and strongly coupled quark matter”±, Nov. 21-22, 2006, Beijing
2, KITPC program ”° AdS/CFT and Novel Approaches to Hadron and Heavy Ion Physics ”±£¬ 2010-10-11 to 2010-12-03 , Beijing.
3, 9th workshop on QCD phase transition and RHIC physics, July 17-21, Hangzhou ,.
4, Strongly coupled quark matter and CEP, Oct.27-30, Enshi.

Recent Research Work:
1. Danning Li, Mei Huang, Qishu Yan, A dynamical holographic QCD model for chiral symmetry breaking and linear confinement , arXiv:1206.2824
2, Danning Li , Song He , Mei Huang , Qi-Shu Yan , Thermodynamics of deformed AdS5 model with a positive/negative quadratic correction in graviton-dilaton system JHEP 1109:041,2011
3, Fukun Xu , Hong Mao , Tamal K. Mukherjee , Mei Huang , Dressed Polyakov loop and flavor dependent phase transitions, Phys.Rev.D84:074009,2011
4 J.W. Chen, M. Huang, Y.H. Li, E. Nakano, D.L.Yang, Phase Transitions and the Perfectness of Fluids, Phys.Lett.B670:18-21,2008
5. Mei Huang,Color Superconductivity at Moderate Baryon Density (Review article), Int. J. Mod. Phys. E14:675,2005
6. Mei Huang, Igor A. Shovkovy, Screening Masses in Neutral Two-flavor Color Superconductor, Phys. Rev.?D70:094030,2004
7. Mei Huang, Igor A. Shovkovy, Chromomagnetic Instability in Dense Quark Matter, Phys. Rev. D70:051501(R),2004
8. Mei Huang, Igor A. Shovkovy, Gapless Color Superconductivity at Zero and at Finite Temperature, Nucl. Phys. A729(2003) 835
9. Igor Shovkovy, Mei Huang, Gapless Two Flavor Color Superconductor, Phys. Lett. B564(2003) 205
10. Mei Huang, Pengfei Zhuang, Weiqin Chao, Charge Neutral Effects on 2-flavor Color Superconductivity, Phys. Rev. D67(2003) 065015,+Mei