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Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Chen Ying (Ph.D / Professor of Physics)

1992.9-1997.7 Department of Physics, Peking University, Ph. D degree
1988.9-1992.7 Department of Geophysics, Peking University, M.S. degree

Research experience:
2006.7- Professor (IHEP, CAS, China)
2000.9-2006.7 Associate Professor (IHEP, CAS, China)
2002.9-2003.12 University of Kentucky, USA, visiting scholar
1999.12-2000.9 Assistant Professor (IHEP, CAS, China)
1997.10-1999.11 Postdoc (IHEP, CAS, China)

Research Field:
The numerical study of Lattice QCD on hadron physic.

Recent Research Work:
1. Is the 1-+ meson a hybrid? Yi-Bo Yang, Ying Chen, Gang Li, and Keh-Fei Liu £¬ Phys. Rev. D 86, 094511 (2012)

2. Delta_mix parameter in the overlap on domain-wall mixed action, M. Lujan, A. Alexandru, Y. Chen, T. Draper, W. Freeman, M. Gong, F.X. Lee, A. Li, K.F. Liu, and N. Mathur, Phy. Rev. D 86, 014501 (2012)

3. Radiative transitions in charmonium from N_f=2 twisted mass lattice QCD, Y. Chen, D.-C. Du, B.-Z. Guo, N. Li, C. Liu, H. Liu, Y.-B. Liu, J.-P. Ma, Z.-Y. Niu, and J.-B. Zhang,Phys. Rev. D 84, 034503 (2011).

4. Overlap valence on 2+1 flavor domain wall fermion configurations with deflation and low-mode substitution, A. Li, A. Alexandru, Y. Chen, T. Doi, S.J. Dong, T. Draper, M. Gong, A. Hasenfratz, I. Horvath, F.X. Lee, K.F. Liu, N. Mathur, T. Streuer, and J.B. Zhang, Phys. Rev. D 82, 114501 (2010).3.

5. A quenched study of SU(3) glueballs at finite temperature, X.F. meng, G. Li, Y. Chen, C. Liu, Y.B. Liu, J.P. Ma, and J.B. Zhang, Phys. Rev. D 80, 114502 (2009).

6. Low-energy D*-D1 scattering and the resonance-like structure Z+(4430) G.-Z. Meng, M. Gong, Y. Chen, S. He, G. Li, C. Liu, Y.-B. Liu, J.-P. Ma, X.-F. Meng, N.-Y. Niu, Y. Shen, J.-B. Zhang, and Y.-J. Zhang, Phys. Rev. D (70), 034503 (2009).

7. Lattice gluon propagator in the Landau gauge: A study using anisotropic lattices M. Gong, Y. Chen, G. Meng, C. Liu, Mod. Phys. Lett. A, 1925 (2009)

8. Anistropic Lattice Calculation of Pion Scattering Using an Asymmetic Box, Xin Li, Ying Chen, Guo-Zhan Meng, Xu Feng, Song He, Gang Li, Chuan Liu, Yu-Bin Liu, Jian-Ping Ma, Xiang-Fei Meng, Jian-Bo Zhang (CLQCD Callaboration), JHEP0706:53, 2007.

9. Glueball Spectrum and Matrix Elements on Anisotropic Lattices Y. Chen, A. Alexandru, S.J. Dong, T. Draper, I. Horvath, F.X. Lee, K.F. Liu, N. Mathur, C. Morningstar, M. Peardon, S. Tamhankar, B.L. Young, J.B. Zhang, Phys. Rev. D73 (2006) 014516.

10. Nucleon and Roper Wavefunctions From Overlap Fermions, Y. Chen, Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 20 (2005) 1830.

11. Roper Resonance and S_{11}(1535) from Lattice QCD, N. Mathur , Y. Chen , S.J. Dong , T. Draper , I. Hov¨¢th , F.X. Lee , K.F. Liu , J.B. Zhang , Phys. Lett. B605 (2005) 137-143.

12. A study of pentaquarks on the lattice with overlap fermions N. Mathur , F.X. Lee , A. Alexandru , C. Bennhold , Y. Chen , S.J. Dong , T. Draper , I. Horvath , K.F. Liu ,S. Tamhankar , J.B. Zhang , Phys. Rev D70 (2004) 074508.

14. Chiral Logs in Quenched QCD Y. Chen , S.J. Dong , T. Draper , I. Horv¨¢th , F.X. Lee , K.F. Liu , N. Mathur , J.B. Zhang , Phys.Rev. D70(2004) 034502