Workshop on Lorentz and CPT Violation

in Astrophysics and Cosmology


Theoretical Physics Center for Science Facilities

Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

May 9-10, 2011

Description of the workshop:

This workshop will focus on experimental tests of  Lorentz and CPT symmetries as  well  as foundations  and  applications  of  theoretical  models of  cosmology  and particle physics in which they are broken.


Organizing committee: Damiano Anselmi; XiaoJun Bi; Jarah Evslin; Hong Li; Xinmin Zhang (Chair)


Contact persons:  Jarah Evslin:; Hong Li:



VENUE: Library Building (Room: 319), IHEP 

Monday May 9th

Chair: Xinmin Zhang (TPCSF/IHEP)

09:00 每 09:05

Yi-Fang Wang


Welcome address

09:05 每 09:40

Roberto Peccei


Discrete Space-time symmetries

09:40 每 10:15

Ralf Lehnert

(Univ. Nac. Aut車. de M谷xico)

Effective-field- theory description of Lorentz violation

10:15 每 10:30


Chair: Robert Brandenberger (McGill Univ)

10:30 每 11:05

ZiGao Dai

(Nanjing Univ.)

Early afterglows, X-ray flares, and GRB cosmology

11:05 每 11:40

XueFeng Wu

( Purple Mountain Observatory)

Constraints on Lorentz invariance Violation Using Gamma-Ray Bursts

11:40 每 12:15

YiFu Cai

( Arizona State Univ )

Quintom cosmology and Lorentz violation

12:15 每 14:00


Chair: Zhen Cao (IHEP)

14:00 每14:35

BoQiang Ma

(Beijing Univ.)

Lorentz Violation from Theoretical and Phenomenological Perspectives

14:35 每 15:10

XiaoBo Qu


TeV Cosmic-ray Anisotropy & Tibet Yangbajing Observatory

15:10 每 15:30


Chair: Damiano Anselmi ( Univ. di Pisa/TPCSF)

15:30 每 16:05

XiaoJun Bi


GZK cutoff and constraints on Lorentz symmetry violation

16:05 每 16:40

Alexander Vikman


Kinetic Gravity Braiding

18: 00



Tuesday May 10th

Chair: Xiao-Jun Bi (IHEP)

09:00 每 09:35

YueLiang Wu


On the Radiatively Induced Lorentz and CPT Violating Chern-Simons Term

09:35 每 10:10

Damiano Anselmi

( Univ. di Pisa/TPCSF)

Vacuum Cherenkov radiation in Lorentz violating quantum electrodynamics and experimental limits on the scale of Lorentz violation



Chair: Jarah Evslin ( TPCSF /IHEP)

10:30 每 11:05

Xinmin Zhang


Dark Energy, Cosmological CPT Violation and Baryo/Leptogenesis

11:05 每 11:40

MingZhe Li

(Nanjing Univ.)

CPT test with CMB

11:40 每12:15

Lijing Shao

( Beijing Univ. )

Lorentz violation induced vacuum birefringence and its astrophysical consequences

12:15 每 14:00


Chair: Alexander Vikman (CERN)

14:00 每 14:35

Robert Brandenberger

(McGill Univ)

Cosmology of Horava-Lifshitz Gravity

14:35 每 15:10

Qiang Yuan


Implication of recent newest cosmic ray measurements

15:10 每 15:30


Chair: Hong Li ( TPCSF /IHEP)

15:30每 16:05

TianJun Li


Time Delays of Strings in D-particle Backgrounds and Vacuum Refractive Indices

16:05 每 16:40

Jarah Evslin


Consistency and CTCs in Fundamental Galileon Theories